Liverpools Future Tallest

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Liverpools Future Tallest

Post  LeeRain on Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:22 am

Liverpools Future Tallest

This is a first look at what will be the tallest building in Liverpool on the site of the King Edward pub near the city's famous waterfront.

Designed by Leach Rhodes Walker for developers Y1 and Richmont Properties, the scheme will stand 170 metres tall making it by far the tallest building in Liverpool, a good hundred feet or more than the currently under construction Beetham West Tower not to mention the first true skyscraper for the city.

Costing a total of £130 million, it will rise to 54 storeys. Accommodation includes 412 one, two and three bedroom apartments including the highest penthouses the country, 2,300 square metres of office space, 700 square metres of retail space and 245 parking spaces. The office space will be on the lower floors with the upper floors being the apartments.

The 14th floor features a massive skybar and restaurant spread over almost 600 square metres that will be accessed by an exclusive express lift and offer 360 degree views of the whole of Liverpool from within.

Architecturally the main feature of the building is the distinct spiral effect employed by the architects with a series of layered curves revealing different surfaces that celebrates the ecclesiastical grandeur of Liverpool. The brown stone is inspired by the Anglican Cathedral whilst the cornices and vertical lines on the curving glass take their cues from the Catholic Cathedral.

The scheme has had a warm reception so far from planners in Liverpool and with the changing design of it from a twin towered project to a single tower, the developer hopes they can secure planning approval and move quickly into a 36 month long construction programme which can begin on site in mid 2011

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