SOM Prepare Goodmans Fields Plans

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SOM Prepare Goodmans Fields Plans

Post  LeeRain on Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:21 am

SOM Prepare Goodmans Fields Plans

One of the key sites on the eastern fringe of the City of London just south of Aldgate, Goodman's Fields, has had this master-plan done for it by architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill.

Featuring a cluster of buildings including an 86 metre tall 27 floor tower, the project will have approximately 165,000 square metres of space within including offices and new residential buildings.

Presently the plot is brown-field of 7 acres including unbuilt on land, a rarity for this part of London. It is bounded by Alie Street and Goodmans Stile to the north, Leman Street to the west, Hooper Street to the south and Gower's Walk to the east.

The scheme tips a historical nod to the London of olde as the varying heights of the roof-line break up the monotomy of the surrounding area and create a more assorted visual impression of it from afar that builds up to the pinnacle overlooking Goodman's Stile on the far northern side of the site.

One of the main issues with the current site, and indeed most of the City of London, is the sheer density and lack of public space that is largely limited to a few windswept public concrete plazas and few places you'd choose to have a picnic.

This is tackled with a series of slim through-fares, both north to south and east to west, that link the central public space together with the outside of the site providing new access routes through the site that channel pedestrians past attractive green areas.

Private areas for residents of the scheme are provided thanks to the massing of many of the buildings which are arranged around courtyards creating communal space for them to enjoy.

Of course, SOM need to actually be picked as the main architect for the redevelopment of the site before anything happens but if the scheme does go ahead then it will mark another step in the gradual dragging of the Tower Hamlets / City of London border up from its infamously murky East End past.

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