Skinny Tower Nears Completion In Paraguay

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Skinny Tower Nears Completion In Paraguay

Post  LeeRain on Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:57 am

Skinny Tower Nears Completion In Paraguay

Published on 26-05-2009 by
Construction is currently underway on an insanely skinny skyscraper which will will be Paraguay's tallest residential tower when completed.

Located in Asuncion City, the project named Icono Loft is the handiwork of architect Carlos Jimenez and when complete will stand at a quite lofty 142 metres.

Although box shaped the architect can rest easy in his bed from fears of being shot for unleashing another boring lump of concrete on the world as the design is sufficiently interesting enough for the tower to live up to its name.

Rising from the ground the tower extends upwards to its peak decorated with exposed framework, which also runs up the sides of the tower. Its facades have long panels of vibrant red concrete running up them broken by panels of glazing, giving it a distinctive, instantly recognisable look on the skyline.

Glazed balconies jut out from the tower giving it some texture and an overall modern and funky look bound to impress anyone. Thanks to its free form floors residents will be able to more or less chose their own floor layouts making each apartment unique, an unusual and attractive selling point for most towers.

The tower also boast panoramic views of the city from any of its floors, although some may argue that some of these views may have been wasted with the lack of floor to ceiling glazing in the scheme.

Purely residential in use the tower will have one 195 square metres loft per floor and offer some luxury features to lure potential residents to part with their hard earned cash such as a lobby area, heated pool and terrace to chill out on, spa and gymnasium to go and look good in, coffee bar and business centre as well as secure parking and 24 hour security within the tower.
At present there are now specific opening times for the tower but fingers crossed it shouldn�t be to far in the future.

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