takes time but its pretty effective

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takes time but its pretty effective

Post  DeagleWOOT. on Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:51 pm

ok, so like ive been saying, I play with my friends from school, so we communicate pretty well. anyways, this is for Cold war/Safe skies because your armies could be gone just like that

have your partner make phantoms and anti air spiders, no need to upgrade past manufactory, you on the other hand, will make snipers, pure.
1. make bank, upgrade it
2. make hospital
3.make another
4. set both to manpower
5. make outpost, then barracks
make as many snipers as pos.
6. upgrade both hospitals
set to manpower/ make saints if u can
7. make many manymany snipers, 8 manpower every 3 sec isnt too bad, and 4 money every 3 sec isnt either so you should be able to make many many snipes
8. if your teammate for some reason need air help, make saints with the rank you will make by periodically going over to the enemy base to wipe them out then come back


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