just another sniper...

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just another sniper...

Post  DeagleWOOT. on Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:53 pm

(many of my posts/tactics require a good teammate, im used to it because my teammate is usually my best friend)

1. have you and your partner make outposts
2. upgrade to barracks
3. pump out snipers with whatever resources you have
4. put em just out side the base so they don't attack it
5. put in a bank, yadda yadda do whatever you need to do to keep the snipers supplied, be it making a hospital, armory, or bank, depending on your government
6. once you have a solid sniper wall and the other team is starting to worry you by slowly killing your snipers, create meditecs, more snipers, and position them accordingly
7. laugh until the other teams starts getting pissed, then kill, swift and sure

*nothing in EQ can stand up to a barrage of 50 sniper bullets. Nothing... just watch out for missiles bounce


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