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Post  DeagleWOOT. on Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:42 pm

This tactic works solid but you may need a tiny bit help on ground

1. Make armory, set to money
2. make another, set to energy
3. make generator, then when ready, upgrade it
4. make forge, upgrade till maxed
5. you should have a decent amount of energy, so pump out spiders according to situation
6. once you get 190 money, destroy both armories, make two generators, and upgrade them
7. you should be able to make a hella lotta spiders, so stockpile about 30 ground and 15 air (again, depends on situation but this is pretty good)

Pro's- Take out ANY air resistance, hands down. 15 anti air, not even bqs could take it down. They heal themselves pretty fast, prime for camping, especially with meditec back-up. Ground spiders are pretty much as strong as snipers. Once you get rank, you can use a generator to send a modified sakata. Plus they're fast and spawn quick... the main reason why I love them is because they only need energy to make.... so great.... Very Happy

Con's- If the other team is pure air, they're screwed, if they're totally for ground, you may be screwed because the ground spiders have terrible range. Also, you need moderate time to set up

thaaats about it What a Face


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