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Post  DeagleWOOT. on Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:32 pm

So yeah, here is, what I can easily say, hands down, blahblah.... ok anyway, you need a good friend with you to do this.... or someone who is capable of reading and following pretty dam simple directions.

1. have you and your friend start off with Forge
2. send out as many scouts as you can, have him/her do the same, line them up, and hold em
3. place them outside their base so base cant attack it along with your partners
4. make more until you feel comfortable that your barricade can hold for a while
5. make whatev buildings that support scouts best for you, according to your gov
6. keep adding scout to the barricade
7. kill base when other team starts threatining to leave

so yeah this tactic only works for dogfight, and like i said, you need the full cooperation of your teamate

(btw even a BQ couldn't take this down if you work it up to about at least 20)


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