Ultimate/Noob camping

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Ultimate/Noob camping

Post  DeagleWOOT. on Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:44 pm

Ok, if your really wanna piss people off, and have fun while doing it, heres what you do.

(this is just my idea of units your should use so feel free to use alternates) (btw this isn't the most effective, and if the team fighting you is really good or your teammate sucks, it makes it a tad harder)

1. Make Armory, set to Money making
2. Make another, set to energy making
3. Make an Outpost
4. Make a Hospital, set to recruit
5. Upgrade Outpost to Barracks
6. Make the Armory that's doing the energy do Recruiting instead
7. Spam out Groditz until resources run out, then line them up by making them fall back and advance
8. This part is crucial, you need to be able to secure a spot in the center of the battlefield so your Groditz attacks units that spawn but not the Base. Put them on hold there
9. After you do that, you should have about 40 influence (New update remember) so send out 2 emergency medic teams and put them on hold behind your Groditz
10. Then, to secure your campsite, create some Snipers and place them behind your Medics
11. Keep adding Groditz, Medics, and Snipers, and not even a Hover Tank could leave lasting damage.
12. Do this until the other team gives up and leaves
13. Pat yourself on the back

(Also, this is if it Safe Skies)

This is my first post so give me some tips Smile


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