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Post  Kyouki on Fri Aug 21, 2009 5:09 am

This is one of my favorite strategies to use because it's quick and cheap with lots of fun goodies to be had along the way (not unlike your mum). However, the key to using this strategy is teamwork. What's that?! I didn't know we had to work together in a game where we have a second player fighting with us. Oh hussh, just listen up.

Standard picture of the Scout:
Dogfight Rush Scout

If you couldn't tell by that, then yes, in a Dogfight Rush you will be using Scouts. There are only a few effective ways to counter Scouts. You can make Marines or Sakatas although you won't because this is an air unit only match. You can make B Queens although you won't because odds are you're still trying to zip up your pants by the time a rush comes in. Or you can use more Scouts. So here's how you win.

1. Make sure your teammate is on board with the rushing idea (ie: have him mirror your moves)
2. Build a bank.
3. Upgrade the bank.
4. Build a forge.
5. Mass produce scouts until you both have no energy left.
6. Attack and win.

The idea behind this is your opponents will probably be going for the long-term strategies and have spent all their resources making buildings instead of a healthy defense. By catching them off guard and attacking mere minutes into the start of the game you... catch them off guard and dominate their base. Since this is such an early attack the only way to counter this is with Scouts.

That's why teamwork is crucial here. If both players on a team rush you'll have around 25-30 scouts in total, which is likely more that your opponents will have at the time. But, like any double-edged blade, without teamwork this strategy is borderline risky to downright failing. So you do get shit out of luck if you can't explain to your teammate what to do because they speak Portuguese.

Aside from that, good luck if you decide to use this!

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Dogfight Rush Empty Re: Dogfight Rush

Post  Bullseye on Fri Aug 21, 2009 5:28 am

same like this strategy is making 2 forges and 1 fully upgraded bank+generator

takes more time

but with teamwork you will have 4x scout production

thanks for adding this strategy kyouki.

greetings, Bullseye

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