The Great Mod Search Round 3!

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The Great Mod Search Round 3! Empty The Great Mod Search Round 3!

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:11 am

No its not YET, it may be tommorow or the day after that, but I felt like posting what the board looks like so far.

Potential Moderators:
zzerooo - Reason: Ill get him to fill he form when he gets on, or else hes demoted, I've tlaked with him, I know hes a good kid
Bullseye - Reason: Graphic Design Skills, Possible Contact with Krin, and he's quite nice still
LtMark - Reason: Still nice Razz

Potential Probationary Moderators:
zzerooo - Reason: Sent an incomplete form
LtMark - Still nice Razz

Potential Forum Developers
zzerooo - Reason, he may lose this position very soon, he hasnt sent anything in, and hasnt been on all day and this morning
Bullseye - Graphic Design skills, and sent something in, its my avatar cyclops

Now for the Jobs!!!...Yay chores?

Potential Moderators Job:
Get as many members to join as possible
Be on as much as you can

Potential Probationary Moderators Job:
Get as many new members to join as you can
Be on as much as you can

Potential Forum Developers Job:
Make a few strategy guides for the strategy boards, but quality over quantity for sure.

I will edit this announcement when it is time for round three, and I will edit it till then mind you.

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