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Rules, Read em! Empty Rules, Read em!

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:15 pm

These rules are set and should be followed, if a member acts against the rules, a consequence shall be made which can be from the thread getting locked to a permament ban. IF a loophole is found, an admin or moderator may give a punishment regardless if it is on this list of rules or not. These are the rules for all forums.

The List of Rules You Should Follow
1.No flaming, all flaming will result in deletion of post or scolding
2.No comments that are racist, all will result in temp ban
3.No religious threads or queries here, this is a forum about a game, not religion, the thread will be lockd if one is found regarding religion.
4.No stupitidy, we know you may be confused and ask for help, but don't just blurt out "I like cake lol, where's the washroom?" In the middle of the post, the first few times i won't mind, but if it continues, you shall get temporary ban hammer!
5.Respect your moderators and admins... Btw, we are kings and queens evade this rule and fear the temporary ban hammer
6.No calling authority noobs, yea okay, maybe you disagree with an admin, but there is more then one way to play the game, show some respect to all players! If you manage to screw this rule up, we will scold or temporary ban you..
7.Show respect to EVERYONE, hey, there is more then one way to play the game, so get your ego resized!
8.No hate threads. if you do, permament ban, unless the person you amde the thread about is really a idiot.
9.Don't try to loophole these, you will get temporary banned!
10. Follow American Laws on this forum... its pretty obvious, evade thema dn permament ban!!!

Have a good day guys!

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