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Bullseye for MOD

Post  Bullseye on Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:33 am

Name: Diels Toon

Age: 18

Have you been a mod before?: yep; i've even had my own famous forum together with a friend

Why Do you want to be a mod?: Colony is the first game on armogames that I actually played more then 3 times (about 50 times now)

Are you familiar with colony? If so can you explain how you are?: 235 plays and 80 percent win ratio
i've been playing it from the day it whas online, my fav is earthquake

Could you by any chance contact Krin?: Well i've seen and even spoken to Krin but sadly enough I don't know him personaly but if he remembers me then i could PM him on the forums.

Are you well known on the forums?: Forums are a part of my life Smile (and yes i have a life xD)

Don't worry i know how to handle and moderate forums and ill make sure to be online as much as possible

greetings Bullseye

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